There is an extensive need for voice recorder. It is beneficial for journalists, students, podcasters, private investigators, musicians among many others. Voice recording is often employed in interviews as well. In modern times, you no longer need a separate gear. All you need to do now is choose a voice recording app and get started.


iPhones come with an efficient microphone capable of recording clear high quality audio. To completely make use of these features, you must choose an iPhone audio recorder app with care. You must consider several factors before installing any voice recorder in your iPhone.

Alongside a variety of paid voice recorders, there are a bunch of free options available. They are both effective and hassle-free. Here is a list of some of the most efficient apps that record audio on an iPhone.

Voice Memo

If you don’t want to spend money on voice recording app, Voice Memos is definitely the best choice for you. Most audio recorders on App Store that you can install for free, demand in-app purchases later. And you must make these purchases to access all the features that they have to offer. Unlike these, Voice Memo is in-built, hence completely free.


It is not complicated and has unlimited duration for your audio recordings. It allows you to pause and resume your recordings. You can use it while record sound while using other apps as well. After recording is complete, you can trim the recording as per your preference and save it.

The only downside of Voice Memos is that is very basic and does not offer any fancy editing.


Rev offers transcription services that are both free and ad-free. But most importantly, it also has an app for recording audio. Rev can record audio in the background while you use other apps or while your iPhone is asleep. It also allows you to trim the recording and share it.


Rev’s playback engine has a special optimization for voice recording. As a result, the sound quality is crystal clear. Their customer service is also great.

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

This app is perfect for students. It is available for free but also has a paid version.


The free version is a basic voice recorder. It lets you share your recordings through different media or store them on the cloud. It offers whatever space is present in your iPhone. You can choose the file format of your recordings, trim them or even change the playback speed. You can also share your recordings over Wi-Fi.

The premium version is ad-free and offers transcription. This version lets you add notes to your recordings.

Voice Record Pro

You can install Voice Recorder Pro for free but it has in-app purchases. It has a variety of features that make it perfect for professionals like journalists.


You can record audio in many file formats such as AAC, MPEG, WAV, etc. It even allows you to convert from one type to another. The app also lets you add bookmarks, photos and notes to your voice recordings. You can apply a range of effects like pitch, reverb and distortion. Here, you get many export options like SoundCloud, FTP servers. You can also export and import to iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

However, Voice Record Pro has no transcription features. The premium version offers the same features as the free version ad-free.

Awesome Voice Recorder

AVR offers versatile audio recording features that make it ideal for professionals. It lets you choose the audio quality (11,025 KHz, 22,050 KHz, 44,100 KHz, 48,000 KHz) and between mono or stereo recording. You can trim your audio recordings and save them in MP3, WAV, M4A or M4R formats. The app also comes with 5 microphone designs. They are Professional, Classic, Studio, and Studio Pro. AVR also has a noise reduction feature to reduce background sounds.


AVR also has both free and paid versions. The paid version enables you to use the app ad-free at around $7. This version lets you work with more than one file.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes

This app enables live transcribing. This unique feature sets this app apart from all voice recording apps. Live transcribing lectures, interviews and office meetings is a huge time saver. Furthermore, the accuracy of this app is impeccable. With prior training, it can even recognize different speakers. Otter allows you to form groups and share transcripts with them. Members can view, edit or highlight the text.


The only con is that it has no recording settings and the subscription is expensive.

MultiTrack DAW

This is a powerful audio recording and editing app. Sound recording professionals are the main target users for this app. As a result, it offers a ton of very high level features.

It offers 24 stereo or mono tracks of audio with sound quality (96 Hz) better than CDs. Furthermore, with the right kind of supported hardware, it can do wonders. It can playback all those tracks and record up to 16 tracks at the same time. However, with the free version you can access only 8 stereo tracks.


It uses Regions and Bins for non-linear and non-destructive editing. This voice recorder app will enable you to record clear sound. It will also let you add several effects like reverb, delay, etc.

But this app is more expensive than most iPhone audio recorders available out there. Hence, this app might not be the best for students and other non-professionals.


This app offers brilliant voice recording capabilities and powerful management tools. This feature makes it perfect for creators who have to work with huge number of audio files. Alongside this, you can use an external microphone for recording audio as well.


You can use AudioShare as an editing app too. You can import your own audio files into AudioShare and edit them. But it is mention worthy that the selection of audio effects is not very rich. After editing, you can export the file to any app that is compatible with AudioShare.

HT Professional Recorder

It is ideal for voice recording in settings like lectures, meetings and conferences. This app has a range of about four feet and three levels of microphone sensitivity. Hence, it can capture soft voices and even whispers within this radius. You can even overwrite your audio clips to make changes if required. It also lets you make 30 minute long email recordings. If an audio clip is longer, it will split them up into more than one email. It can also send 15 hours of audio recordings via FTP servers or web browsers.


However, this app does not give you the facility to transcribe audio. It is also not great as an editing app.

Hokusai Audio Editor

This is an equally good recorder as well as multitrack editor. It can record both compressed and uncompressed audio. Uncompressed audio gives us the highest quality source material that is possible. But it might not always be the most preferable. Considering factors like size and lengths, you might want to opt for compressed audio.

In this app you can do basic editing like gain adjusting, fade in/out among others. You can also layer multiple files together. Hence, content creators will love this app.


Anchor is not entirely a voice recorder app. But, it allows you to record, edit and publish your own podcasts. It works with compressed audio only.

It is basically a media hosting provider that lets you publish your podcast directly to web. Needless to say, it is quite a hit among podcasters.

Lexis Audio Editor

LEXIS AUDIO EDITORThis is simple user-friendly app useful for both recording and editing. You can record both compressed and uncompressed audio using this app. It comes with a 10 band equalizer and many editing options. Noise reduction, reverb, fade in/out, normalization are some of the most common ones. You can also mix files here. It has a very convenient zooming feature that enables trimming with precision.

ShurePlus MOTIV


Shure developed this appin order to compliment their range of microphones like MV5 and MV51. This mics let you record audio directly into your iPhone. It works with uncompressed audio and offers basic editing tools like trim, split, etc.

Recorder Plus: Voice recorder

This is a free audio recording app. It offers basic recording options and limited editing tools. Recording using this app is quick and easy. The audio quality is adjustable. It lets you record audio clips that last up to a few hours.


You have to make in-app purchases for creating high quality MP3 recordings. You also need to buy a subscription to be able to trim audio files. Same goes for sharing your voice recordings to cloud drives.

Auphonic Recorder

This is a companion tool for Auphonic in iOS. Auphonic is an audio post production web service. It can record both compressed and uncompressed audio.

Evidently, all of these apps in the list above have something special to offer. For someone looking for a voice recorder without burning a hole in your pocket, Voice memo is the best pick. Again, if you are interested in versatile and professional features, you might want to check out the professional apps in the list above. In the end, all that matters is your purpose and budget.