You may need to save audio from web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or other web browsers to your computer at times. The audio file could be some catchy or lively background music, a fascinating interview, a non-downloadable audiobook, or anything else you’re seeing or listening to in your browser.

Obviously, using a professional screen recorder to record the browser audio is the most convenient option. We’ll show you how to record audio from any online page using a browser audio recorder in the sections below. In addition, if you don’t want to install a desktop programme, we’ve uncovered some amazing browser extensions that can capture audio from any tab.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a desktop software that you can use. It’s a strong desktop Chrome/browser audio recorder that can capture every audio from the browser, including live streaming music, live radio, online courses, and other Internet audios. It can also quickly record microphone sound and capture any screen actions on your PC. All sound and audio playing on the opened tab can be captured and stored as high-quality MP3, AAC, M4A, and WMA format files when you record audio from Chrome or other browsers.

Step 1: To record audio, enable the “Audio Recorder” option.

Both Windows and Mac machines are supported by VideoSolo. To download and run it, click the download icon above. It is suggested that you pick “Sounds Recorder” from the main interface to record browser audio.

Step 2: Modify the Sound and Output Settings of the System • Modify the sound and output settings of the system. You can adjust system sound on your operating system, or change sound level straight from the Audio Recorder by toggling on the sliding bar. By clicking the gear icon, you may also start a soundcheck. This will bring up the Preferences window. Then go to the Sound tab and click on Start sound check. It is recommended that other software’s audio be turned off so that the effect is not harmed.

• If you just want to record the sound of the web browser and not the sound of yourself or the external surroundings, remember to turn off the “Microphone” button.

Step 3: If you want to hide the float bar, press “REC” and write down the hotkey.

• Press the “REC” button. A pop-up box may appear to remind you that you can control the record with hotkeys. It’s also a good idea to write down your configured hotkeys on a piece of paper. Don’t worry if you forgot the hotkey to enable the float bar when recording since you previously set hide float bar while recording; you can still find the programme in the system’s taskbar. To access the main interface, double-click the icon or right-click it.

• Within three seconds of clicking “OK” in the pop-up box, the audio recording procedure will begin. Then begin recording the audio from the browser. During recording, the volume can also be adjusted.

#Step 4: Trim and Save the Audio from the Browser

After you’ve finished recording audio on your Chrome browser, you can preview and cut it as needed before saving it to your PC. It’s also worth noting that even if you exit the recording process mistakenly, all audio recordings will be stored automatically. On your Mac or Windows computer, you can now listen to the audio recordings made by your browser.

On Chrome, use a browser extension to record audio.

If you don’t want to install software, you can use the Chrome extension Chrome Audio Capture. According to the official description, it can record any audio playing on the current tab. Even better, numerous tabs can be captured at the same time. You also have the option of muting tabs that are currently being recorded. The audio files will be stored as MP3 or WAV files. This Chrome Audio Capture, however, does not allow you to record segments longer than 20 minutes. When you record for more than 20 minutes, the file may be mute when played back. When compared to other browser audio recorders, the audio quality isn’t as good.

Here’s how to use Chrome Audio Capture to record audio from your browser.

Step 1: Search for “Chrome Audio Capture” in the Chrome Web Store.

Step 2: To download and install this extension on your Chrome browser, click “Add to Chrome.”

Step 3: In Chrome’s upper right corner, locate and click this extension.

Step 4: To begin recording the sound of your Chrome, click the “Start Capture” button.

Step 5. After you’ve finished recording, click “Save Capture” to save the audio to your computer.

With the Chrome Desktop App, you can record audio from Chrome.

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a versatile recording application that lets you record any audio or video from your Chrome browser. You can use this Chrome audio recorder to record not only music, but also Skype audio calls, with system sounds or microphone sounds as desired. You can change the aspect ratio and image size of the video recording to avoid black edges around the video and to better view the recording videos on different media devices. If you want to record game play, video conference, video tutorials and so on, this screen recorder can also do you a favor.

Chrome Extensions for Audio Capture

Using a Chrome extension to record Chrome audio is also simple and convenient. In this section, we’ll show you how to use two handy Chrome plugins to record internet audio.

Audio Capture in Chrome

Chrome Audio Capture is a Chrome extension that allows users to record any audio that is currently playing in the tab. It can also capture many tabs at the same time. The MP3 or WAV format will be used to save the recorded audio file.

Pros of Chrome Audio Capture: • There is no need to install any software on your computer to record Chrome browser audio manually or with hotkeys.


• Due to Chrome memory limits, audio capture is limited to 20 minutes at most. • The 20-minute limit can be overcome, but audio quality will suffer.

• During playback, there may be a minor click or glitch.

2. Cloud Audio Recorder

Cloud Audio Recorder is a simple and easy-to-use audio and speech recorder that works with a variety of browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE10+, and others. You can save the recorded audio file to your PC or Google Drive instantly after recording it.

Pros of Cloud Audio Recorder:

• This Chrome extension audio recorder is simple to use, with a streamlined recording procedure that allows you to choose your preferred input device, adjust volume, eliminate noise, and more based on your needs.


• Chrome audio can only be recorded for 7 minutes at a time.