If you’re only looking for a one-time solution, a free online mic recorder might be what you’re looking for. If that’s the case, you’ll appreciate the list of the ten most useful internet mic recorders we’ve compiled for you below. If you want to keep your options open, start with an introduction to what we believe is the greatest online mic recorder, an alternative, and then 9 other free online mic recorders.

AnyMP4 Online Audio Recorder

AnyMP4 Free Online Audio Recorder is a wonderful answer for you if you’re looking for the best online mic capturing application that can record your own voice from an external or internal microphone. It’s an online audio recorder that can record your voice from your microphone and computer and store it as an MP3 file. With all of these features, it can serve as an excellent computer voice recorder.


1. Freely record your speech using a microphone, audio from the system sound, or both.

2. Record Skype, Yahoo Voice, Google Talk, and other audio calls and conferences.

3. Even beginners will find it simple to operate and lightweight.

4. No further software is required.

5. It’s totally free to use.


1. There is no audio editor available.

Online voice recorder

Online Voice Recorder is a basic microphone recorder that allows you to record audio for a range of purposes and disciplines, then share the files with your acquaintances. Additionally, you can use Adobe Flash Player tools to alter your microphone settings to reduce echo and adjust volume.


1. It is completely free to use.

2. It allows you to take out parts of your recording that you don’t want to hear.

3. It can detect and remove silent areas of your recording for your convenience.


1. There are advertisements on occasion.

Voice Spice

When it comes to online voice recording, this latest online mic recorder, called Voice Spice, takes a different approach. If you’re feeling bashful, you can change your audio levels before recording and even record audio with a text-to-speech option. The only drawback is that you won’t be able to directly transfer your recordings to your PC. Instead, you’ll have to make do with either posting it on social media or downloading it via an email link.


1. You have unlimited time to record a message, morph your voice, and examine recordings.

2. Make the recording available to others using social media sites such as Facebook.


1. There is no option to download the audio, and it is only available for sharing.

2. Only keep recordings for 90 days.

  1. Choose Wondershare UniConverter to record a mic, a webcam, or any other Mac/Windows activity. This app does not require an internet connection to record microphones, unlike the online mic recorder. Users can record a mic seamlessly and with the original voice quality after installing it. It can be used with either the system microphone or an external microphone of your choosing. You may record desktop screens with annotations such as lines, letters, and shapes in addition to recording with voiceovers. Users can also use a webcam to apply Picture in Picture (PIP) effects.

UniConverter by Wondershare - The Best Mic Recorder

  1. SpeakPipe

SpeakPipe is an internet service that lets users establish an online voicemail for their blogs or websites. SpeakPipe is simple to use. To begin the recording, simply click the green “Start recording” button. The audio file will then be emailed to you with a “MP3” download link and a link back to your inbox for convenient listening or downloading. SpeakPipe, moreover, allows you to record your voice indefinitely.


1. It is a user-friendly web-based utility.

2. When the audio recording is finished, you can listen to it again.

3. It is compatible with both PCs and mobile devices.


1. You must register.

2. It necessitates the use of Flash Player.

  1. Vocaroo

Vocaroo is a simple and easy-to-use online voice recorder that allows you to record your voice from a microphone without having to download any software. You can save your recording to your computer or embed it or link it elsewhere once you’ve finished it.


1. It is a simple web-based audio recording tool that can be used in a web browser.

2. MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, and other common audio formats are supported.

3. There is no need to create an account or log in.


1. Vocaroo is not liable for the content of any recorded communications.

2. It displays commercials.

  1. Rev Online Voice Recorder

The Rev internet voice recorder is next on our list. This tool is absolutely free, and you will not be required to register in order to use it. However, unlike the above described internet voice recorder, this only stores in one format (MP3.) Despite the fact that they claim the tool is secure and encrypted to prevent it from being heard or saved by others, your audio will be captured in their services for a period of time after you download it.

For PCs, there is a free online voice recorder.

Recorded voice audio is exported as MP3 files.

(Optional) The transcription service is not free.

  1. Virtual Speech

Virtual Speech is the next free online voice recorder we’ll look at. You can use it on any browser you like. Like most internet mic recorders, it has a simple click-to-record capability. It also has a local save option, albeit your audio can only be downloaded as an OGG file, which is rare and incompatible with most media players.

There is no need to register to record your voice online.

It allows for easy web recording with one-click record and playback options.

Save your recorded audio into an OGG file using the local save feature.