Looking for that perfect voice recording application for your Windows device? Look no further. In this blog you will get a brief about all the best audio recording apps available. This is the one stop solution to get rid of all your queries on this topic.

What is Audio Recording?

Audio recording is essentially the method of storing sound information onto a storage. This recorded information is the audio. On feeding this audio through a special system, you can recreate the original sound.

What is the need for audio recording?

The various fields where audio recording has proved to be helpful are endless. It is useful in every profession from musicians to journalists, students and lawyers.

1. Meetings

Capturing vital data in conferences is essential for optimizing workflow and service delivery. Long meetings can make even the most involved participants prone to forgetting details.

Scribbling things down may be distracting, taking participants’ attention away from their coworkers. Knowing that all said is present recorded allows for more active involvement.

2. Lectures

Studies show that pupils forget an average of 70% of new knowledge within 24 hours of discussion. This rises up to an average of 90% of it within a week. You can’t afford to forget up to 90% of the content covered in an hour long lecture brimming with exam material.

Availability of recorded lectures lets you concentrate on class rather than note-taking. Having access to them during exam preparation facilitates better understanding and revision.

This is especially useful in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

3. Interviews

Noting down everything one says with accuracy can be very difficult at times. This becomes more pronounced while interviewing a fast speaker. This is why journalists often resort to audio recording their interviews.

4. Miscellaneous

Apart from these most common uses, audio recording comes handy in many other areas. This may include learning languages, improving speech, making music etc. to name a few.

Earlier we had to employ specific gadgets for this purpose. But today, we no longer need to purchase costly voice recorders for this anymore. You can easily use your PC to record audio. It is one of the most convenient features of any Windows device.

audio recording

You can use a plethora of sound recorders for Windows devices. It even comes with its own built-in voice recorder application. Besides, a variety of studio quality audio recorder softwares are available now for us to choose from.

What are the best voice recorders for Windows 10?

Below is a list of the most popular and convenient voice recording software for your Windows devices.

Windows Voice Recorder (FREE)

The ability to capture audio without using any third-application is one of Windows’ most helpful tools. Microsoft Voice Recorder is the pre-downloaded sound recorder on Windows devices. It is the best free sound recorder for office meetings and lectures. It is also one of the most user-friendly sound recorders for Windows devices.

Windows voice recorder

It lets you record audio on your PC instantly. It also lets you trim and add markers to your recordings. But you cannot record audio playing on your PC using this.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is one of the best studio quality audio recorders built for professionals. It draws strength from several years of Adobe experience. The program design is such that it speeds up audio and video production workflow. It offers various advanced features like multitrack editing, audio restoration, etc.

You can also perfectly get rid of any awkward breaks in audio. To make your audio recordings sound much more professional, you can incorporate music clips into it.

Audacity (FREE)

Audacity is a free sound recorder software that works on many OSs including Windows 10. It lets you record external audio like any regular sound recorder on Windows 10. But it also works like a Windows streaming audio recorder for capturing internal audio on your PC. This way you can record audio from YouTube videos, video games, etc.

Audacity voice recorder

It also offers you several features for free. The recordings are also clear and of high quality. You can also use an external microphone. It comes with several editor tools too. It also supports Virtual Studio Technology.

Free Sound Recorder (FREE)

Free Sound Recorder is a popular streaming sound recorder. You can store your recordings in various audio formats like MP3, WAV, WMA or OGG. You can record sound through your sound card. But it can also record audio via microphone, disc player, and radio.

It also enables hands free recordings. Besides all this, it comes with a digital editor tool. It has few basic features and some special audio effects. You can Crop, Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete your clips. You can also add effects like Chorus, Echo, Amplify, and Fade in/out, etc.

Ocenaudio (FREE)

Ocenaudio is a new and more advanced free studio quality audio recorder. It is also much faster and lighter compared to Audacity. The interface is simple and easy to use. It offers a range of keyboard shortcuts too.

Ocenaudio audio recorder

Unlike most free audio softwares, it does not add the effects straight to the original audio. This enables you to adjust the different settings and listen to the changes right away. It is faster than Audacity. It is also not as heavy as it.It works on several platforms like Linux, Windows and mac

It also offers a range of filters that you can apply to your audio. It has Virtual Studio Technology plug-in support. Hence, you can use your own plug-ins too.

However, it does not support multi-track editing. It supports single stereo/mono files only.

RecordPad (FREE)

You can use RecordPad voice recorder studio to record, rip, or burn audio clips. It also lets you schedule future recordings. Conversion of audio formats and burning functions can require the use of a plugin. You can also use noise reduction, reverb, equalizing, fade, and many other features.

It can capture audio from streaming platforms, device playback, etc.

The recorder is also voice-activated. This means it will begin recording only when you start speaking.

Avid Pro Tools

As the name suggests, it is a professional audio editing software. As a result, it is popular in large studios. It lets you collaborate via cloud with other professionals. Up to 10 people can work simultaneously. You can then upload your work to streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music etc.

Avid Pro Tools lets you capture audio from up to 4 microphones at the same time. It lets you mix up to 768 audio tracks. It offers you many AIR effects too.

Spek (FREE)

Spek offers a user friendly voice recorder studio. It lets you record lossless files. It uses many threads to analyze audio. This makes signal processing super fast.


It supports 19 languages and the FFmpeg library. It is also completely free.


Reaper is the perfect home voice recording software for beginners. It offers advanced features with simple interface. The application is very stable. It works well for large files too.

It lets you stretch audio around complicated adjustments. It offers you a bunch of plug-ins such as VST, DX, VST3 and other third part plug-ins. It allows multi-track processing alongside audio and MIDI routing.

You can even dub a video with Reaper. You can export your audio work in MP3, WAV, AIFF.

Ardour (FREE)

This is the best free sound recorder studio for musicians and performers. It is perfect for artists to record actual instruments. You can even extract the audio component of a video using Ardour.

It has powerful signal routing and a simple interface. It also offers several plug-ins and add-ons. It enables multitrack recording and editing too. It lets you import audio from the free sound database or MIDI or your hard drive.

Wavosaur (FREE)

Wavosaur is one the best free sound recorders out there. It is installable exclusively on Windows devices. It is even better than some of the paid ones. It enables you to work on multiple files at once. The audio processing takes place in WAV or MP3 formats. This makes the entire process smooth and hassle free.
wavosaur audio recorder_free

The editing tool in Wavosaur is quite advanced too. You can carry out basic editing in a single window. This reduces unnecessary complexities. You can also apply Virtual Studio Technology effects to all the audio files in a single batch at once. The software includes several other features like pitch transfer and bit depth conversion.

Streaming Audio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder by Apowersoft is one of the simplest ways of audio recording from YouTube, audiobooks and online meetings. It can record audio straightaway from the sound card or microphone. Hence, you can use it to record audio from other platforms like Spotify, Jango, etc. too.

It also comes with an in-built editor tool. Thus, you can cut and merge audio clips the way you like. It also lets you to convert your recording to different audio formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC, etc.

It is a studio quality audio recorder for both amateurs and professionals.

MixPad (FREE)

MixPad is more than a simple voice recording software. It has largely simplified audio processing and mixing. The program’s user interface is simple and elegant.

It enables multitrack editing with unlimited number of clips simultaneously. It also supports almost all audio formats. Thus you can use it for almost any kind of sound production. It also offers ASIO support. This enables editing with precision. It offers a bunch of other editing effects too.

Traverso (FREE)

Traverso is not just any ordinary home voice recording software. It is great for professionals too. It supports several formats like MP3, WAV and FLAC. Its clear non-linear interface offers high quality results despite processing them several times.

ttraverso audio recorder

However, it does not support multitrack editing. The interface is also not very simple and needs some amount of time to get familiar with.

FL Studio

FL Studio is a popular voice recorder studio good for professionals. It offers a touch controlled interface. It offers you a bunch of live DJ controls.

It has VST plug-in support. This gives you access to the most extensive collection of third party plug-ins. It lets you overlay any data type.

FAE Media (FREE)

FAE media is also one of the nicest home voice recording software. It offers a very simple interface that is easy to navigate through. This makes it perfect for beginners.

It can capture audio from many different sources. You can automatically get rid of any noise in your audio such as pops and rustles.

You can customize your bit rates between 24 bit and 32 bit. This enables you to record audio with high quality. Sample rates go up to 192 kHz. It supports several audio formats. You can integrate audio of various formats into a single file.

It compresses the audio clip without compromising with its quality. This way you can effectively save a lot of space without degrading the value of your work.

Sound Forge

Sound Forge is a unique sound recorder studio software. The program allows you to configure the whole interface as well as the toolbars to your liking. It offers high quality recording in up to 32 audio channels.

Sound Forge also offers the VST (Virtual Sound Technology) plug-in.

WavePad (FREE)

WavePad is one of the best free sound recorders that has been around for a while now. Thus the interface is not as modern-looking as the others. It has both basic as well as advanced tools. Its installation and operation is easy.

wavepad audio recorder

It lets you process a bunch of audio clips together. This proves to be a huge time saver. It offers you a bunch of effects like noise removal, reverb etc. You can change the speed and pitch of your audio clip. It offers audio scrubbing. But it does not support multi-track editing.

It works on Mac, Windows and Android.


Among premium audio recording software, Cubase is perfect for beginners and professionals. It offers unique time stretch feature. This lets you alter the tempo and duration of the sound clip.

It lets you customize sample rates and bit rates. The audio engine is 64 bit. Sample rate ranges up to 192 kHz. It has more than 3400 patches spread across eight instruments and 150 track presets. It gives you access to over 80 plug-ins. Some of them are reverb, EQ, delay etc.

Wondershare Democreator

Wondershare Democreator is an advanced voice recorder studio for Windows and Mac. It has a simple GUI that gives professional quality of audio recording and processing. It lets you import audio, video and several other file types. It also enables unlimited recording of both audio and video.

All the software in this list stand out with their unique characteristics and features. We hope that with this article, you now have a good idea about how to choose the best voice recorder for Windows 10 devices. It is entirely based on the aspects and features that you desire. Do remember to look for all the features and specifications. And then compare them, before you get the best fit for yourself.